Shock of My Life

During the summer after my sophomore year, the fact that junior year was just around the corner always lingered in the back of my mind. Although I was told many times how hard this year would be, I couldn’t fully grasp the idea that I was going to have to work the hardest I ever have. The work that I would do this year would go towards the decision for my admission into college. It’s pretty scary when anyone thinks of junior year like that, so naturally, I began to panic (before the year had ever started) I went into the first day being the most apprehensive and nervous I had ever been. As each class passed, my anxiety doubled and my excitement for learning decreased. When I got home I realized that my first day back had been the worst I’d ever had. Why was I so sad? Being the usually optimistic person that I am I couldn’t understand the mood that I was in. Only after noticing that I had confused my emotions of doubt to sadness did it all make sense. I had had a terrible day because all throughout school I had done nothing but doubt my ability and self worth. I went into school thinking there was no way I could handle junior year. Now answer me this, how can anyone succeed in anything in life if they don’t even have the ability to think that they can? It’s impossible to get anywhere when you’re stuck in a doubt cul-de-sac. So, upon returning to the second day of school I entered each and every class with the two words “I can” on constant repeat In my mind.

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